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When installing an offense you must prioritize whats important for your program. This drill is vital to the development of your b back and interior ol. One of my clients asked me which six offensive line drills matter the most. Since he becomes an alley player by taking the pitch man, the play action passing game becomes very rewarding. The shotgunbased option offense had a similar effect when debesse and fritz arrived at sam houston state in 2010. A runpass option is an option you give your qb based on how the defense reacts either before or after the snap of the ball. Lou cella installs army and navys modernday flexbone triple option offense with you and your staff. Breaking down the army flexbone triple option offense youtube. Navy football is synonymous with the triple option, and now coach ashley ingram talks about some of the most important parts of this offense. Flexbone nation is your online source for information on the flexbone veer option offense. Just because its not the traditional triple option it is an option generally, whether its one or two reads. Dec 30, 2010 the wishbone triple option play is the base play within the greater wishbonetripleoption offensive philosophy. Ashley ingram the navy triple option run game youtube. The spread and the zone read are popular option offense sets because of teams such as oregon and florida posting huge numbers.

Vance walberg dribble drive motion offense coachbase. The triple option is based on the option run, but uses three players who might run with the ball instead of the two used in a standard option run. The strength of a 5 out motion offense starts with spacing. Head coach john fox said that if he were to employ an option offense he would want it to resemble tom osbornes offense at nebraska. Nibrs offense code animal cruelty 720 location offense status offender suspected of using. For illustrative purposes i will use the triple option play out of a flexbone set to show how an option concept works. If you like old school football, then this breakdown of armys triple option flexbone offense will really float your boat. The triple option is army footballs base play out of the flexbone. Ive published a short ebook about it see, but it youre interested i recommend the dvd set. Apr 21, 2016 rpos are nothing but an extension of the option game. Can run triple option on setno shift call play action play action.

Learn the ins and outs of the flexbone in this highly detailed analysis. So to provide you with appropriate visual information, here are six triple. The option offense may be the most popular type of offense. Oct 23, 2015 chiefpigskin had the chance to catch up with bart curtis, head football coach of the mishawaka cavemen, in mishawaka, indiana, where he has been a head coach for 19 years. Click on the pdf link to download the princeton chin offense breakdown drills. Navy quarterback malcom perry rolled up 305 of those rushing.

When using single wing running plays for 8 man offensive schemes you allow for a traditional triple option offense. In my 12 years of experience coaching football, i have come to realize that plays that you may see at the collegiate and high school level can also be incorporated at the youth level. The standard formation allows for the offense to learn a multitude of plays from the simplicity of one or two formations. Triple option vs the 44 defense coach ross maddalon. This is a video demonstrating how to use run pass options in order to manipulate the defense, put them in a nowin situation, and succeed every play. When i asked the readers of my newsletter to write in the offense they ran, many responded with 5 out motion offense. It can be run from any formation and in any offensive scheme. Here he provides examples of the triple option offense. Rpo offense run pass options that manipulate the defense. Triple i basics 23 oo alignment boo 24 6 0008000 numbering triple. Often credited to tom nugent, the exact creator of the i form is unknown but it has been a successful formation at all levels of football for more than 60. Why gary patterson teaches defense by starting with the. Talent disparities that the triple option leverages just arent there.

Navy runs the flexbone offense, which is a runfirst attack that has produced some of the best single season rushing yardage marks in ncaa history. The fact that one variation of coach russells formation is identical with the runandshoot. Cella has a youtube channel with hundreds of videos, and you may watch all of these videos on the flexbone triple option offense right here. Summary of offensive formations, adjustments and plays. This class serves as an introduction to the option game in college football, and is a prerequisite for later classes including option 201. Animated basketball play called 14 motion from box set. When i talk triple option, im referring to the veer option or the divequarterbackpitch option play. Three common ways are up the midline, outside using the speed option, or against the flow with the counter. Learn the 3 on 0 princeton chin offense breakdown drills here.

Get 35 playbook breakdowns of today best teams free. Triple option offensive line blocking guide triple option. This rivalry is the years biggest showcase for a different kind of spreadtorun football offense. The spread option runandshoot offense introduction many coaches are interested in adopting the spread option attack first popularized by coach erskine erk russell at georgia southern university. If you are incorporating this drill into your daily practice plan, then youre ahead of the game. Sep 10, 2014 i think this is probably the biggest challenge to running a triple option offense. Cellas triple option football academy camp highlights. Why army and navy run the tripleoption flexbone offense. O1 dribbles to either side, as the two ballside teammates o3 and o5 move opposite and set a doublescreen for the opposite post player o2 in this example.

The triple option is an american football play used to offer several ways to move the football. Complete book of triple option football olcott, jack on. Breaking down the army flexbone triple option offense. He had 2 guards that could get to the rim but no big man and he realized the problem with most traditional offenses was spacing too much congestion in. Is triple option offense fading from college football. Tripleoption offense is back, and still effective sfgate. Under head coach jeff monken, army tends to use the midline option the most. The diagram below shows which offensive players have the option of receiving the ball during the play.

A system designed to spread the field and run or pass based upon your personnel. It is a simple but sophisticated system designed to run the ball down opponents throats. This option revolves more around the zone blocking scheme than the traditional veer style blocking. Coach vance walberg invented the aasaa attack, attack, skip, attack, attack offense while coaching high school basketball 20 years ago. It is as obvious as the nose on your face that josh nesbitt could be the face of our triple option offense next season. The georgia tech yellow jackets primarily attack defenses on the ground and they do it, old school. Indeed, when the routes are put together the right way the zoneread can transform into a quadruple option play, because the offense can isolate the backside cornerback or safety while the rest of the d is concerned with the run action. Jun 08, 2015 the cross screen, down screen is the main action of the offense. Learn the 3 on 0 princeton chin offense breakdown drills. Document resume healey, william a hartley, joseph w. As touched on earlier, the princeton offense is a fivepart play that typically takes around fifteen seconds to run. I once asked this same question of a buddy of mine who played d1 football. You can go online and find a copy of georgia southerns playbook in pdf form.

Flex offense point guard clearout option diagrams k l start with o1 on top and the other four players down low diagram k. I will not cover play action pass protection in this article. As its name indicates, its actually three plays in one. Jul 20, 2018 the halfline drill is exactly what it sounds like. Simplified swing offense for high school basketball pg. The university of delaware first with the trap option, down option and belly option has now increased their option package to include the triple option and now the counter option. Veer concepts playbook 2015 in the six years of running the a11 offense, we ran play packages that incorporated concepts from almost every system of football and like the 241 formation playbook that added a new dimension to spread offensive systems, we believe the new veer concepts playbook will add an inspiring element to the veer offense. Chris mooney richmond princeton offense by jimmie oakman. In this article, i want to show you why new mexicos triple option offense was so deadly.

No nfl team truly bases their offense on the option, but the zone read and rpos have become a staple in almost every teams playbook. The triple option is based on the option run, but uses three players who might run with the ball instead of the two used in a standard option run the triple option forces defenses to worry about multiple running options on a single play. The 1 offense is a simple offensive set, easy to learn, with good spacing, a high post and low post presence, and is a good choice for youth and middle school teams. Features of the offense that functions by principles and. An option offense is predicated on the concept of putting one or more players into the same situation as the defender caught in a 2on1 break. Duke braces for another bout with an option offense.

O5 could shotfake and dribbledrive up the right lane line for a layup, with a kickout option to o1 in the corner. As a result, when deciding to run an option based offense, the coach must decide what style of option football he wants to. May 16, 20 the mastermind of the triple option offense at georgia southern, navy, and currently georgia tech, is paul johnson. The triple option is an american football play used to offer several ways to move the football forward on the field of play. The legacy this offense has left on basketball can be seen today at every level. Modern day football is evolving everyday and the latest ways for offenses to exploit defenses is to use run pass options. Second, option quarterbacks are hit and tackled frequently.

This book a single pdf is a great way to be introduced to may running concepts ncaa 06 has to offer. Jun 14, 2016 this column focuses on the six most important drills that matter in triple option offensive line blocking and the progression involved in executing the triple option as a concept. Triple option power point for flex bone association. As you can see, based on the scheme, the fs has to get involved in the run game. The princeton offense was created by hall of fame coach, pete carril, during his incredible 29year, 514win tenure as coach of the princeton tigers. Simplified swing offense for high school basketball. The triple option playbook, part i, evaluating qbs. The video is a clinic he is giving on what he calls full court offense. The one must in the playaction passing game flexbone. When you think of the triple option, you immediately think of navy, army, air force, and georgia tech. Dec 10, 2016 why army and navy run the tripleoption flexbone offense. Mar 25, 2016 10 priorities of triple option instruction.

They do offer some great advantages over the triple option. An option offense can be run out of a variety of formations. Offensive line nothing can be more frustrating than watching an option team abandon triple option at the first sign of trouble. The triple option can you run it like gt in the pros. Block play side number of 0 bsg block play side number of 1 bst block play side number of 2. Read more triple option offensive line blocking guide. Oct 23, 2009 there has been a misconception that the triple option is a threeyardsandacloudofdust offense, johnson said. The power spread offense old school power football with the new school spread beauty. Nesbitt leads the yellow jackets with 624 yards and nine touchdowns. Run pass options are not much different from traditional triple options. Perfect spacing many coaches claim that the 4out 1in motion offense has perfect spacing. It doesnt matter if you are talking about the midline option, the zone read, or the inside veerall use the same basic principle of forcing a defender to make a. The first way the triple option forces defenses to account for is tackling three backs with two unblocked defenders. Sample 7 the walberg zone offense is truly brilliant, in my opinion.

Pa off of triple option vs the 44 defense postwheel combination. This new phenomenon has sparked some controversy with football purists, stating that the option hurts a qbs development as a pure pocket passer. Com pistol power offense pro 2 zone right hand off on 3 player assignment pst block play side number of 2 psg block play side number of 1 c declare the mike as 1 st defender head up to play side presnap. The delaware wingt offense has used the option play as an important part of their offense almost from the beginning. The 3on3 drill is the most important drill that youre not doing every day in practice. Multiple spread offense section 1 2016 communication. The option offense is most frequently utilized in the high school and collegiate ranks. Run pass options for explosive offenses rpo the cheat code. If you liked this article then check out these other princeton offense articles. Arkansas razorbacks wishbone option offense 1970s lou holtz. I think this is probably the biggest challenge to running a triple option offense. It has widespread use from college football down to youth football but is run very sparingly in the nfl.

Many coaches have adopted the princeton offense because it teaches players how to read the game and make decisions important and doesnt rely on constant play. But there is a new type of triple option offense that is gaining momentum in the football world. Triple i basics 23 oo alignment boo 24 6 0008000 numbering triple oooxooo tight play calling 1st number back 2nd number h i oe. Fritz realized in his first spring that he was taking over a. Designed to overpower the defense at the line, the iformation offense is a great way to play smash mouth football. It is rarely used in the national football league for several reasons. The key to a successful option attack is a smart and athletic qb that can make the correct reads. Apr 26, 20 osborne himself stated that he ran the option maybe 25 to 30 percent and ran a lot out of the i the heart of his offense was the downhill pro style running game that helped his players transition well to the nfl.

Triple option football academy 20 practice hours to get. Option playbook 1998 air force flexbone playbook 1999 syracuse freeze option playbook. Finally, the princeton offense works against both man to man and zone defenses, and not just against man, as many think. Feb 21, 2015 the spread option is an offensive scheme that works at all levels of football. He gave me a few different reasons it doesnt work as well in the pros.

Even without elite shooting, the 5 out motion offense is a great offense for many youth basketball teams, and could be the perfect fit for your team too. The mastermind of the triple option offense at georgia southern, navy, and currently georgia tech, is paul johnson. Basketball offense horns offense, coachs clipboard. No matter what you want to call this play in your terminology it is of the utmost importance the a playside postwheel pass is utilized off triple option play action. If you are a flexbone team i implore you to work on fixing the problems your offense faces before succumbing the. If you are a flexbone team i implore you to work on fixing the problems your offense faces before succumbing the the kneejerk reaction of running something else. Why army and navy run the triple option flexbone offense. This article discusses the basics of the horns offense and some of the many plays that coach perkins includes on the dvd get the dvd for the complete package. Qb has the option to pitch to the 3 back or keep it himself. The academy the academy empowers you to execute the triple option offense the right way the first time.

By going away from your best post player, they stay block to block. First, the speed and athleticism of nfl defenders negate the advantages of an option offense. A decisionmaking continuity like the 4out 1in motion offense develops basketball iq and will assist players to be the best they can be in the future. For the offense, the decision of who is to carry the ballwhich option to useis made during the play by the quarterback qb. If you have anything to add in the comments, id love to hear it. How to run the triple option offense like new mexico pro.

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