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Avoiding double negatives use these printable grammar worksheets to help students learn to identify and correct sentences with double negatives in them. In this worksheet, your student is asked to rewrite sentences with double negatives two different ways. A double negative is a grammatical construction that is generally not considered unacceptable, though it is often spoken in colloquial, informal or nonstandard english or for dramatic effect. Avoiding double negatives a double negative is a construction in which two ore more negative words are used where one is sufficient. In these worksheets, students circle the two negative words and rewrite the sentence properly. Theyre still widely used in english dialects where they dont seem to cause any confusion as to the intended meaning. A double negative is a sentence construction that involves the use of two words of negation in the same sentence. This quiz will help you practice spotting a sentence with a double negative. What are double negatives and why shouldnt you use them. Double negatives can also be formed within the construction of a single clause. Rewrite each sentence so that it makes sense and only contains one negative. A double negative is a standard form using two negatives to express a positive she is not unhappy.

We hadnt never realized that theodore wrote so well. The sentence he didnt say nothing does not mean that he said something. If the two negative words are talking about the same thing, they cancel each other out so the message becomes positive. Mar 17, 2016 in this weeks episode of everyday grammar, we talk about two common types of double negatives. There are lots of negative words in the english language such as not, never, no, nowhere, and nothing. Double negatives worksheets math worksheets 4 kids. The two words contradict each other, and can confuse the reader. Avoiding double negatives 1 complete each of the answers, making sure you dont use double negatives. Each of these sentences contains a double negative. What double negatives are, and how to avoid using them, is the focus of this language arts worksheet. Double negatives are standard in many other languages and they were also a normal part of english usage until some time after the 16 th century. Use this worksheet to teach your students about double negatives. Avoiding double negatives 1 practice write your answers on the lines and then print this page.

Free grammar and writing worksheets from k5 learning. After the intense hurricane, the telephone was out of wack, the internet was down, and scarcely any of the television stations worked. Students practice spotting double negatives in a paragraph, then rewrite the paragraph to make it correct. The idea is that the two negatives cancel each other out, producing a positive. These cards are formatted to be printed on 4x6 index cards for easy storage and durability. Generally, negative and affirmative elements such as the equivalents for never and always, respectively shouldnt be used in the same spanish sentence. Funnily enough, this changes the meaning of the sentence so its no longer negative at allits affirmative instead. Two negative words used in the same sentence is called a double negative. Tell students they may correct a double negative by substituting. Yesterday she couldnt give no directions to the taxi driver. You may only use one negative word in a sentence to portray a. Double negatives nearly always resolve to a positive meaning even in colloquial speech, while triple negatives resolve to a negative meaning.

Oct 17, 2011 this grammar exercise tests your ability to form negative sentences. Wo bu xiangxin mei ren bu lai, i do not believe no one will not come means i do not think everyone will come. If a sentence contains a double negative, write dn. While two negatives make a positive in english, in french and other languages, two negatives can be used to make a more emphatic negative. Negative words, double negatives word usage worksheets. Microsoft word present simple form negative other verbs.

I do not have nothing, do not changes the word have to a negative, and the word nothing remains negative. For example, you would probably be more likely to recognize the double negatives in i would not do no drugs, than you would in i wouldnt do no drugs. Avoiding double negatives 1 high school english double. Learn danish in 30 minutes all the basics you need duration. Rewrite each sentence below to correct the double negative. Geoffrey chaucer, the friars tale in the canterbury tales nor never none. Exercises to improve your english writing skills whether youre a native speaker of english or an advanced esl student, these exercises will help you identify and eliminate common grammar mistakes. Simply remove one of the negative words from the sentence, or change one of the words into a positive. Some double negatives are intentional, like in the example above. When words are used in this manner it can often leave the reader confused. Double negatives rewriting a paragraph by sarah stark tpt. Bart simpson, the simpsons, 1999 ther nas no man nowher so vertuous.

A double negative occurs when you use more than one negative in a sentence. Double negatives exercise 1 identifying double negatives underline the negative words in each sentence below. Correct the sentences by removing one of the negatives. The problem is that double negatives are rarely used in english. There are affirmative contractions and negative contractions. Then rewrite the sentence without using double negatives. Avoiding double negatives 1 high school english double negatives exercise. Double negatives worksheet 1 answers ereading worksheets. Students will rewrite the given sentences to avoid double negatives. Double negatives and usage english grammar today a reference to written and spoken english grammar and usage cambridge dictionary. This worksheet has 10 more sentences with double or triple negatives. See more ideas about double negative, sentences and collective nouns worksheet.

Double negatives worksheet 1 pdf ereading worksheets. When two negative words are used in the same sentence, it is called a double negative. A double negative is caused by using two negative terms in the same sentence e. N i g h t mm aa r i s h neg a tii v e s correcting double negatives rewrite each sentence below correcting the double. Completing the sentences sitting with their peers, children will enjoy completing sentences with the correct words, avoiding double negatives in the process. Practice exercise rewrite the following sentences so that they do not use double negatives. The following article on double negative trouble can help you avoid making a confusing grammatical mistakes. The quiz will cover topics such as a common use of a double negative and an example of a negative prefix.

There should be at least two correct ways to express each sentence. In many british, american and other dialects, two or more negatives can be used with a single negative meaning. Negative words are an essential feature of our language and there is. Complete each sentence making sure you do not use double negatives.

Using a double negative will often end up turning two negative thoughts into a positive thought. This pdf gives them practice with choosing the right word and avoiding. Advanced complete each of the answers, making sure you dont use double negatives. Twitter share english exercise avoiding double negatives created by anuesther with the test builder. Choose a if the sentence is correct as is or b if it contains a double negative. In a sentence, only one negative word is needed to express a negative idea. This is a logic that was first put forth in the 1700s, when english grammarians were attempting to impose stricter rules on the use of the english language. Eliminating double negatives differentiated task cards the first set blue of twenty cards underline the negative words for students. See more ideas about double negative, grammar activities and teaching writing. Double negatives are formed when two negative words are found in the same sentences. Nevertheless, they arent considered acceptable in current standard english. Place these task cards in a center in order to assess students knowledge of double negatives.

This is confusing and it is a major mistake if youre in a formal situation for example, writing a letter. A double negative is when two negative words are in the same sentence. Our printable double negative worksheet pdfs for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade. Well, this is the last worksheet on the topic that i have right now. This will make it easier for students to rewrite the sentence, eliminating one of the underlined words. A double negative is a grammatical construction formed from the negative form of a verb e. Avoiding double negatives warren county public schools. Be sure you dont create a double negative sentence. Definition and examples of double negatives in english. My grandparents hardly never eat at ntractions with. She never danced with nobody she didnt dance with anybody. Dec 16, 2015 what are double negatives and why shouldnt you use them. Double negatives worksheet 3 you cant get enough practice identifying negative words, can you. They are the sort of grammatical errors that many native english.

N i g h t mm aa r i s h neg a tii v e s correcting double negatives rewrite each sentence below correcting the double negative. Theres no way that no knight could ride on no dog nohow. Double negative worksheets easy teacher worksheets. Sep 20, 2018 double and even triple negatives are not unusual in spanish even though they are usually considered improper in english. Without the word not, the sentence has exactly the opposite meaning and is entirely untrue. Correct each sentence omitting or changing one of the negatives. Double and even triple negatives are not unusual in spanish even though they are usually considered improper in english. It does not make sense because it has two negative words a word that means no in it. Note that a double negative is not equivalent to a positive. A double negative is when two negative words are used together in the same sentence. This worksheet features 10 practice problems themed around some brave. This activity was created by a quia web subscriber.

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and associated answer key. This grammar exercise tests your ability to form negative sentences. Double negatives should never be used in formal situations or in business situations. In a contraction, an apostrophe takes the place of missing letters. Negative words negative verbs no, not, none noone, nothing, nowhere neither, nobody, never doesnt, isnt, wasnt wouldnt, couldnt, shouldnt wont, cant, dont if any two of the above words are combined in the same idea, the sentence will be positive the opposite to what you intended. This pdf worksheet for grade 5 provides enough practice in correcting double negatives.

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