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Access our free viewer and interrogate osni mapping and other geospatial information from multiple sources to provide a deeper. This data can be used by geographical information systems gis. Please note that creating presentations is not supported in internet explorer versions 6, 7. Spatial customers login here to receive the latest product updates. You may also wish to view the data at ned map viewerexternal link opens in a.

Sources of spatial data for use in gis northern ireland neighbourhood information service ninis site containing a wide range of socioeconomic datasets including the uk census spatial ni a webbased map viewer with associated datasets for northern ireland police uk a site containing uk crime data along with a webbased crime mapping. Daera map viewers department of agriculture, environment and. Refer to the sdv quick reference guide to get started. Zoom in zoom out pan rect identify select object buffer distance. Links to map viewers held by daera designed to provide easier access to. Osni open data products are free to download, use and share subject to open government licence. For users that do not have any means for viewing spatial data et sdv offers a possibility to view the results from the functions of et geowizards andor et surface. In this example, well show you how to briefly set up pgadmin, upload some data, and use the geometry viewer to view your geospatial queries in pgadmin. Access the spatial data infrastructure sdi available to all recipients of the northern ireland. Non gis users spatial ni nima portal map viewer non technical users can enjoy the following key features by using our nima portal map viewer. Survey ireland gsi and the geological survey of northern ireland gsni.

Nwi data can be accessed in several ways depending on your needs. Warren county planning and community development department gis program. Spatial viewer this is a project to develop an application for easily viewing and creating spatial data. Ni councils public rights of way inspire view service. Each\ndataset is clearly marked with the ogl symbol shown belowthe ogl allows you to. Users outside of the spatial ni portal please use resource locator 2. Choose to download by drawing a bounding box, selecting an indexreference box, using the current map view extent or entering coordinates. Digital datasets department of agriculture, environment and rural. These are organised by themes accessible on the left panel desktop view or below mobile view. This portal is a shared government resource that provides access to a network of spatial data from a wide variety of irish public bodies and organisations for download and viewing. After executing a specific function the result will be loaded back in et sdv. Spatial ni launch map viewer classic viewer for ie 8 compatibility arcgis online item details.

Move the cursor over to the layer control show example. It is available to view via the spatial ni geoportal map viewer at. Golden software releases mapviewer 8 geospatial solutions. The spatial website and map viewer has been designed to make maximum use of screen resolutions measuring 1024 pixels by 768 pixels or greater and is fully responsive for mobile devices. Your data is unique and you need the best mapping software for the job. The loaded in the viewer layers will be available for processing with et geowizards 12 andor et surface 7. The survey date widget allows you to identify the proni references for each historic ordnance survey map on the application at a specific point. Northern ireland spatial data infrastructure ni water inspire view service ni water inspire view service. If this is your first time visiting since 20150126 and you did not receive an email from spatial with login credentials, please follow the link to the instructions available at the right in the need help. Work to obtain parcel data from additional counties, as well as permission to share the data, is ongoing. Spatial data viewer free download spatial data viewer. Mapviewer is an affordable mapping and spatial analysis tool that allows you to easily produce publicationquality thematic maps. Daera map viewers department of agriculture, environment.

For more details about cookies and how to manage them see our cookie policy accept and close. Check off the datasets you wish to download and click next. Resource locator download datafile resource locator, format. The datasets that can be downloaded here are only digital boundaries there is no background mapping.

Run maps viewer from a local hard disk, with data optionally installed or read from digital download. Public rights of way in northern ireland are legislated for under the access to the countryside ni order 1983, and are enforced by local councils. It was written in python and qt4 and it is mainly intended to be a graphical frontend for the gdal library and tools. The proni ordnance survey archive has a range of historic ordnance survey maps which are over fifty years old, including the 6 county series mapping available in this application. The national map viewer and download platform allows visualization and download of our most current topographic base map data and products for free. Arcims viewer legend layers overview map view entire state previous view clear selection search create pdf. Spatial ni a webbased map viewer with associated datasets for northern ireland police uk.

Enhancements inlcude new map types, increased file compatibility, the ability to download base maps from online servers, enhanced querying functionality, and a new user interface. Precisely display your data distribution with the most intuitive functions and features. Various digital datasets held by the department are now available for download from this website. Nc portal an online platform for creating and saving maps and data for yourself and to share with coworkers and business partners. The law society of northern ireland website use cookies. In addition to imagemate online and the community map parcel viewer, warren county gis hosts a variety of web maps. Mapviewer is a mapping and spatial analysis tool that allows users to produce publicationquality thematic maps.

A number of key features that you can take advantage off by using the spatial ni platform are highlighted below. Click draw point button show example and click a point on the map. Discover the past of northern ireland on historical maps. Use the data for activities within the performance of a public task. Download wetlands data united states fish and wildlife. These datasets which include raster\nand vector mapping, boundary, gazetteer, height, street and townland products \nare available for download. Display map layers clicking on the map layers button will allow you to switch layers on and off from the current map theme. Contact details of network owners offices shown in dialbeforeyoudig function crucial in obtaining copies of latest plans before work is to be carried out in the vicinity of any plant. If you are using ie 8 or later, make sure you turn off compatibility view. Discover how to use the spatial ni nima map viewer. Digital datasets department of agriculture, environment. Our bedrock datasets the national bedrock map at scale 1 to 1 million, 500k, 100k.

Osni spatial ni map viewer the landuse database held by daera contains a list of sites where, based on their historic landuse, there is potential for contamination to be present. Digital datasets are held by the department and are available for download in. How to download data from the national map viewer contents. Click download data in the top right to select your datasets. To date, 21 counties have provided the gpo permission. This will ensure you have the latest data and reduce data management overhead. Click on a web application below to launch it full screen in a new tab. A free dataset which includes points, lines and polygons in vector format for roads, buildings, streets, rivers, points of. Spatials 3d interop lets you translate a variety of file formats, including 3dxml, automatically and with higher quality to dramatically speed up your 3d project workflows. The purpose of spatial ni is to help the civil service, public service, emergency services, elected representatives, educators, academics, students, nongovernment organisations and the public to find and use geographic information. To display and query wetlands data in your software application please use our web map services. Need assistance using the spatial ni nima portal or accessing content from it to use in other applications. Osni open data gives you free access to mapping products that enable you to analyse data, build interactive web sites, apps and create images, charts and graphics.

Geological survey ireland produces a wide range of datasets from bedrock, quaternary, groundwater, marine, geological heritage, to geotechnical, minerals, geophysics, geochemistry and geohazards. Northern ireland environment agency niea site has historic maps etc niea map viewer 60. The ordnance survey archive at proni is prefixed with the letters os. Metadata template which must be completed for all data supplied to spatial ni. Managed by the usgs national geospatial program ngp, users can access data from all eight primary data themes of the national map, and products, such as us topo, historical topographic maps, and map indices. Spatial ni will be enable stakeholders to use, visualise or analyse geographic data whether they have a mandate around the inspire directive, whether they are part of the northern ireland mapping agreement nima community or whether they form part of the wider digital community in terms of private sector organisations, special interest groups. It is available to view via the spatial ni geoportal map viewer at s. Select a layer under reference polygons show example. Spatial ni is a web based portal that facilitates sharing, using and developing geographic information.

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