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The ad that stoked every young comic book readers imagination was the one for xray specs. In todays comic books you dont see the advertisements you used to no ads with outrageous promises to be taller or more muscular. Mar 30, 2017 a featurelength documentary on the life and work of poly styrene, the legendary frontwoman of x ray spex, has been announced. Old comic book ads that were total scams it was a simpler time. A documentary about xray spexs poly styrene has been announced. Full text of psychotronic video 38 internet archive. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading scattering and dynamics of polymers. No, you cant see through womens clothes with a pair of cheap cardboard glasses, you perv. Six years ago, artist and historian kirk demarais, who runs the brilliant gen. This book discusses new third generation synchrotron radiation sources such as the advanced photon source aps, the european synchrotron radiation facility esrf, and the super photon ring8 gev spring8. The lenses consist of two layers of cardboard with a small hole about a quarterinch 6 millimeters in diameter punched through both layers. Old comic book ads that were total scams kryptonite. Poly styrene, lead singer of british punk band xray specs has passed away this morning at the age of 53 after a long battle with breast cancer.

This paper deals with the poorly understood effects of styrenebutadienestyrene sbs copolymer on the bitumen performance. Fully aware of its status as pop culture, it nonetheless has unironic aspirations toward art. These classic ads in the back of comic books tricked kids from the 50s through the 80s. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Styrene from toluene by combinatorial catalysis request pdf. Apr 12, 2011 x ray spex may have only been around for a couple of years but their star shone brightly. At least, thats what vintage comicbook ads would have you believe. Advertisements in comic books have promised unbelievable products for decades. Nitrostyrene derivatives as potential antibacterial agents. Marianne joan elliottsaid 3 july 1957 25 april 2011, known by the stage name poly styrene, was a british musician, singersongwriter, and frontwoman for the punk rock band xray spex.

Leachable diphenylguanidine from rubber closures used in pre. Apr 04, 2017 a film about the enigmatic lead singer of the infamous xray spex. Poly styrene, real name marianne joan elliottsaid, formed xray spex in london in 1976. The year is 1979, and styrenes band, xray spex, has been launched. These old fashioned xray spec lenses consisted of two pieces of cardboard with a feather between them to blur your vision, causing two slightly offset images which appear similar to an xray photograph. Fantastic ads like these ruled the back of my beloved comic books with every issue. Tribological performance and mechanism of phosphate ionic.

But if you look in older comic books youll see a treasure trove of sneaky ads, crazy claims, preposterous promises and looney lies. I am a cliche still needs funding to find its official home on our screens but the film will tackle a lot of polys personal issues as well as the walls she faced as a black female in a punk world. These ads offered kids the opportunity to see through everything from fingers, an eggshell, and possibly even clothing all for the cost of a dollar. It focuses on determining the impact of various concentrations e. The brand advertised heavily in comic books and on tv and led many unsuspecting unathletic kids to believe that all they needed to not be chosen last in gym class was a pair of expensive sneakers. Archival searches revealed that peter had placed classified ads in the plain dealer for two weeks during july 1973 listing the bands pa for sale following the groups split, and the bands former soundman, pat ryan, confirmed that the specs listed in the ads matched what he had used during the bands existence. The friction experiments were carried out on an optimal. Poly styrene, former singer with xray spex, has died of cancer aged 53 the singers death was confirmed this morning april 26 to nme by her uk spokesperson the punk icon, real name. The last thing we found was that the chaotic end of the song was. Styrene was born marianne joan elliottsaid in 1957 in. A true musical and fashion rebel, poly styrene has returned at her most thrilling. The ramones themselvesmaintaining an unchanging image for nearly thirty years in a culture that values nothing so much as changewere too serious and enduring to be dismissed as cartoonish, yet too fun to be. Vintage comic book ads that were too good to be true.

Topics such as accelerator design, radiation properties, and xray optics are given detailed treatment. A submicron line and space fabrication by the xray. Comic book ads xray specs and the beyond be a real man, learn karate. Xray specs with images book advertising, vintage comic books. On the 40th anniversary of the bands seminal record, germfree. Thirdgeneration hard xray synchrotron radiation sources. Seeking order in disordered systems kindle edition by han, charles c. Xray specs consist of an outsized pair of glasses with plastic frames and white cardboard lenses printed with concentric red circles, and emblazoned with the legend xray vision. No advertisements to own a nuclear sub or army tank can be found nowadays. Old comic book ads xray specs sea monkeys kit charles atlas workout if something seems to good to be true. All songs considered poly styrene, the uncompromising singer of the british punk band xray spex, died monday.

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