Top 10 most unexpected movie endings

Night shyamalans the sixth sense they have also become more prevalent. The 20 best plot twists of the 21st century, ranked indiewire. Gupt the hidden truth 1997 talking of mystery thrillers in bollywood, gupt is the best movie which raised the bar in india. Top 10 most shocking movie twist endings of all time oct 09. There are some directors who are known for their epic twists and turns. Sounds very obvious, but there are serious spoilers within. Top 10 super hero movie endings of alltime babbletop. In this kevin spacey film, five criminals are falsely accused by the police. Ranking the 25 best films with a surprise ending yardbarker. Top 10 worst movies from the top genres may 25, 2020 miscellaneous top 10 great nature mysteries to puzzle over today may 24, 2020 history top 10 bizarre fashion trends in history may 24, 2020 weird stuff 10 more famous people who never existed may 23, 2020.

If you somehow dont know what were talking about, read onbecause weve compiled the ultimate movie. Though three crappy prequels and countless parodiesreferences may soften the blow for future generations, myself and millions of. Gurren lagaan might be seen as over the top by some, but remains one of the finest examples of the hero arc. Fight club will always make the list of movies with endings you never saw coming.

Keep giving us plot twists, because they really make going to the movies an exciting and unique experience. The culprit to a crime, that had occurred years before, must be revealed. Here are 20 of the greatest movie plot twists of all time. Twist endings are rarely happy, but the ending for terry gilliams best film, brazil, is particularly bleak. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of fight club, we present our list of the 25 best films with. So if you havent seen the movie or know the twist, dont read the comments. The most shocking endings in movie history youtube. Its truly an unexpected ending that makes you wonder what you watched the entire time the movie was playing. A great plot twist doesnt just shock, it can make a movie truly unforgettable.

This underappreciated gem of a ghost tale stars nicole kidman as a stay at home mom trying to figure out wtf is going on with her seemingly haunted new house. These are the movies that many of us want to watch over and over again to try and figure out what we missed the first time around. It was everything a good solid movie twist should be memorable, unexpected, shocking, and changes the way you look at the film in the process. Frank darabonts adaptation of stephen kings novella takes the monster movie to a new level and rewrites the story to include this. Unexpected endings of mollywood film industry top 10 list.

And in case you havent figured it out already, there will absolutely be spoilers. Seeing the characters weve spent a whole movie getting to know ride off into the sunset might be a great. Among the numerous movies we encounter in our lives, there are those that manage to intrigue us with their plot, surprise us with their ending, and stay in our memory for a long time. John david washington says theyre more like in laws. Infinity war part 1 was without a doubt the darkest entry in the series, featuring an unhappy end. Its a bleak, unexpected ending that made the film memorable. The 10 most shocking movie endings that left you guessing.

Seeing the characters weve spent 90plus minutes getting to. Watchmojo another top 10 best action movie endings of. An insomniac office worker and a devilmaycare soapmaker form an underground fight club that evolves into something much, much more. One of the surprises of david finchers crime drama se7en. Explanations to some of the most confusing movie endings. Scroll through for a list of films with the best plot twists we never saw.

Best suspense movies with twist endings readers digest. Although a great script, acting and directing are essential to any film, the last few minutes of a movie can really make or break the movie. Soon 2 more victims are found at the crime scene and all the evidence points to alex. One of the most surprising endings in the history of movies, the reveal in the last few minutes that verbal kint kevin spacey is actually the legendary crime lord keyser soze is a twist that. Top 50 mind blowingtwistedshocking movie endings imdb. Top 10 viral stories with unexpected twist endings. The 10 worst movie endings of the decade screenrant. Whether or not we care to admit it, as film fans we all love a good happy ending. There are actually a number of unexpected plot points in the film, but im gonna have to go with the entire alienfilled ending for the most mindblowing of the twists.

Twist endings are a staple of movie culture and with m. These are all pretty famous movies on here, so there is a chance youll know most of them before you even see them. The 23 most shocking twist movie endings of all time, from fight club to the lizzie mcguire movie. In birdman or the unexpected virtue of ignorance 2014 michael keaton plays riggan, a washedup actor who tries to reignite his acting career by starring in a broadway production. Its the most famous and the saddest line in hollywoods history that created the best impression ever. All had shocking twists that made the films memorable and fan favorites to this day.

In addition to hints that riggan is not entirely tapped into reality, the movie itself is filmed in a surrealistic way, from long, artful scenes filmed in a. Top 10 most mindblowing twist endings in hollywood movie. The list item title is just the movies name, and the comments may contain the plottwist. The 23 most shocking twist movie endings of all time, from. But as claire uncovers more and more about the late madison. He took on her personality after he killed her and her lover 10 years prior to marion renting a room.

Top 10 most shocking movie twist endings of all time. The 10 most disappointing movie endings of all time. The best twist endings in movie history screencrush. This movie is filled with suspense, from the very beginning itself. It popularized the opening and closing score of the movie. Watch the video for more about the most shocking endings in movie history. Weve collected 23 of our favorite movie twist endings. Top 15 amazing movie endings listverse top 10 lists. Primal fear, and a laundry list of other films could have easily made anyones top 15.

My top ten greatest sciencefiction movie endings it. These films were actually intended to be watched several times. The tone of a movie is usually established at the very beginning. Top 10 most mindblowing twist endings in bollywood movie. These are 20 of the most unexpected movie endings people are still. People go to his movies fully aware there will be a surprise ending. The 12 best suspense movies with twist endings you wont see coming molly pennington, phd proceed with caution. The 10 most unexpected movie plot twists of all time. Movie spoilers ahead for the best twist endings in cinema history. Some endings defy explanation, and love or hate this movie, though no one hates this movie. To put it simply, the villain won with billions of people dying and shifting away from the brighter endings found in other marvel movies.

No matter what one thinks of the movie as a whole, it is visually dazzling beginning to end. The top ten greatest movie endings of the last decade. As a tribute to the work, we are keeping track of down the top 10 most mindblowing twist ending in the movie turns ever. From massive bummers to tearjerkers to shocking twists, we run down the best movie endings of all timeincluding psycho, e. An incredibly unique and unexpected film about superhero comic books and their myths, which at the end. Top 10 most shocking movie endings of the 21st century. This is a perfect movie that is worth watching for the shocking ending. The most unexpected kind of bromance is the best kind of bromance there is. The movie so good, and this will ruined a really great and unexpected reveal. Get ready for what is arguably the most famous though, oftmisquoted film line of all time.

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